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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Information for the Conclave

Voting starts today, Tuesday. Rome is 6 hours ahead of us now. Today’s results should be available around 1-2pm our time. The results today are almost certainly going to be no pope.

Tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday, they will vote 4 times a day. Twice in the morning (results available 7am our time) and twice in the afternoon (results available 2pm our time). Smoke only appears once per two votes, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, but if the first of the two votes is successful, the smoke will appear early, about 5am or 11am. Black smoke means no pope; white smoke+bells means there is a pope. It is unlikely to happen, but if there is no pope by Friday, then they will take Saturday off and vote 4 times each on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, and then take Wednesday off, and so forth.

Once the white smoke appears, it will probably be almost an hour before the Pope is announced. The announcement is called the “Habemus Papam” which means, “We have a Pope”. The Cardinal Proto-Deacon comes out and makes the announcement. Currently this is Jean-Louis Cardinal Tauran.

You can sign up here to get an email and/or text when we have a Pope:

When the announcement happens, most news channels will be talking about it.
CNN’s live feed is here: but you will need to have an account with cable or satellite to view it.
I am not sure whether this will work or not, but there is a NBC live stream here:

Some videos that might be of use to you:

Live Video of St. Peter’s Square. This should change to the smoke or the announcement when those things occur.

NBC Coverage of the 2005 conclave in English, over an hour long. Most important points are:
Smoke appears: 0:00
Bells Ring: 10:00
Cardinal Deacon appears to announce Habemus Papam: 46:50
Pope Benedict Appears: 54:20

Historical Habemus Papams of the last 7 Popes: