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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Please Indoctrinate your Children

Bill Nye, the famous science guy, has released a video telling parents not to teach creationism to their children. I believe that God created the universe. That does not mean that I do not believe in evolution. Honestly, I do not care about evolution. I do not think it must be proven wrong, though I would not defend it either. I do have a problem with what Bill is saying here though. "We need them" he says, referring to the children of those who believe in creationism. Well, they are not your children, Bill. If you needed children so badly, you should have raised some. Where do you get off telling parents how to raise their children because you and the scientific establishment need them?

I have heard this argument before against the indoctrination of children. It is usually put out there by people who are frustrated by all the religious people with their big families. They can see their inevitable demographic defeat, so they try to convince parents that they are doing something wrong by teaching their children the truth. Few parents will be convinced by these arguments. The kind of parents who let their children choose their own religion when they are old enough to do so probably do not believe very strongly in their own faith. The danger is that before they are outnumbered, the anti-religious people might try to restrict parents by law from passing on the faith.

The arguments are foolish. If they were right, we may as well have every child raised by wolves until they turn 18. Children do not grow up in spite of what they learn. They grow up because of what they learn. Really, this is why the anti-religious want children to stop learning religion: they see how millions of adults who stray from their faith are pulled back by the childhood lessons they were taught.

I hope parents indoctrinate their children, teach them about the God who loves them, who is all-good and all-powerful, teach them to thank him for his gifts and to praise him just because of who he is, teach them to love truth and not lies, to love good and not evil, and to see beauty where it can be found. Parents have a responsibility to give all the good they possess to their children and have nothing to fear from the disapproving eye of Bill Nye.

Why are they so protective of evolution? If every scientist really believes it, as the establishment claims, the evidence must be overwhelming. The way they talk, you would think that there was not even a minuscule chance that it could be wrong.

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