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Friday, August 31, 2012

Trimarriage, gaymarriage, What's the Difference?

For years, those working to protect the definition of marriage have said that polygamy would soon follow gaymarriage. Now it begins. People react as if it is such an extreme view, but there is no possible way to justify gaymarriage without justifying trimarriage. If gender is arbitrary, why not number?

The definition of marriage is based on a natural fact: a child can be conceived only by one man and one woman. Therefore, marriage is a legal relationship between one man and one woman, regardless of whether the man and woman in question can actually conceive a child.

There is nothing even like this definition that would include gaymarriage. If someone says it is a legal relationship between two adults, the only reasonable question is why? Why partnerships but not fellowships?


  1. There have been many making the polyamorous argument recently, and they use your reasoning to do it. You are right, if you can make the argument that it(marriage) is not an establishment for child rearing, but a bond of "unity and love" between any two people, it necessarily gets asked next, "why two people?". From what I have observed of opinion on the forums is that many people who hold this style of reasoning (pro-gay marriage) have already made this leap. It can't really be used against them if they accept it.

    So let's further the topic at hand; why is polyamarous bad/wrong? In what way is the "free love" style of life and "marriage" incompatible, harmful in practice, or detrimental to society?

  2. Most people still think that gaymarriage is basically the same as marriage. As the new definition includes multiple people, it becomes more obvious that what is being talked about is not marriage. We do not have to convince everybody. Some people still think that the word "marriage" means something.

    It does not matter why polymarriage is harmful or detrimental, not at first. Marriage means something. When 20 people can declare that they are married, we are obviously not talking about marriage.

    How marriage must be linked to procreation even in law is something I discuss in an earlier post: