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Monday, August 20, 2012

Hospital Denies the Rights of a Patient

A hospital in Nevada would not let a woman visit her domestic partner. The article says visitation, but it seems that something more was going on, such as updates from a doctor. Nevertheless, it seems that an injustice has been done against these women. This issue is often brought up in arguments in favor of gaymarriage, but it is a simple issue where common ground is easily found. Real life is complex. When a person is in the hospital, they should be free to choose any other person in the entire world as the person whom they are in a particular relationship with. While society will not benefit from accepting homosexual activity as the basis of marriage, this does not mean denying the reality of a same-gender relationship. If David had ever been in the hospital, he would have had Jonathan by his side, not his wife.

One of the strong arguments in favor of gaymarriage is that so many situations in our society unnecessarily require marriage before acknowledging a relationship. There are and always have been and always will be other relationships in the world. Accepting that does not require compromising the truth in any way.

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