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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Don't Vote

"It is your duty as a citizen to vote", they tell me. Pish-posh is what I say. If I go into a restaurant and they present the special of the day, and it is liver, I will not choose it. If they tell me that the only alternative is spider, I will not choose that. I would rather go hungry than eat either.

So don't vote. To vote for someone who supports objective evil is to choose objective evil. This does not mean that we have to vote for the alternative. Just because I cannot vote for one does not force me to vote for the other. No one can force us to choose.

But then we will leave the choice to those who do vote! What about it? If 10% of the ballots did not include a vote for president, I guarantee that next time someone will try to figure out how to get that 10%. The Christian political act, according to C.S. Lewis, is to convert your neighbor. When we form a contingent of people who will most certainly not vote for someone who wants to have his grandchildren killed, and will not just vote for "the other guy" either, then we will be a powerful force in politics.

But if you are in Minnesota, do vote. Go vote "Yes" on the definition of marriage and write in your Aunt Sally for president.

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  1. "The Christian political act, according to C.S. Lewis, is to convert your neighbor."

    It blows my mind the stuff that came out of his. In a single sentence, the power, authority, and ferocity of Christianity's conversion and development of the world is summed up. Christianity took the world by changing and nurturing its heart; from the inside, not from the outside. Christ did not spread his message through politics but love of neighbor. If you wish to see change, be the change you wish to be. Do not run to your politician to get him to change your neighbor, YOU go and change your neighbor. Do not argue with your brother using a third party, talk to him yourself and touch hearts. The Christian message with all its emphasis on community and charity, through the service of others, has been turned back and used to serve us.

    We have taken religion, as we are now doing to politics, and used it as a means for personal gain; Christ came to serve so we helped him do it by putting him in a cage. We've suffocated the uncontrollable fire and passion of the gospel and put it up for display above the fireplace, soon to be forgotten and overlooked. I do wonder what this is a symptom of, for it is not exclusively american. There was this one group that did that a while ago, I think somebody said they were like bleached bones.